Are you ready for your transformation? Sometimes work, and life can get in the way of us achieving our goals, so it’s time to take some time for yourself to focus on your fitness and get an awesome bod at the same time! With our trainers and customised exercise plans at the ready, you get to work out then relax in paradise when it’s all over! You can even sneak in a surf trip if you’re keen!

 Bali Fitness Bootcamp

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New You & Relax In A Tropical Paradise!

The Bali Boot Camp is an intensive fitness programme, open to men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. What you can achieve depends on how long you stay, but even short-term guests benefit from the intensive workouts and personal attention from expert fitness trainers. There are healthy meals included plus some fantastic, fun active activities also like  Surfing, Yoga, Boxing and excursions to temples and beaches. It is the perfect environment to spend time training and meeting new like minded people in a tropical paradise.


Feel wonderful in one week or the best you have ever been in 8 weeks! At the end of the trip, you can expect to feel fitter, stronger, and physically and mentally better. The programme is suitable to increase cardio fitness, muscle mass, help with weight loss, flexibility or just toning up! Besides that, you take home new insights into maintaining a more active and healthier lifestyle!

Look Forward To:

  • A new lease of life improved fitness and new friends in paradise.
  • Mixed impact classes give you a total body transformation rapidly.
  • Motivation guaranteed! Train with fun like-minded people and professional trainers!
  • Great nutrition with healthy food with an energy-boosting menu.
  • Gorgeous resort stay.
  • Feeling Amazing: Customised exercise plans with your personal trainer tailored to your own goals (if booking additional personal training sessions).
  • Find a new addiction! One surf lesson in Bali included with options to rent boards locally.
  • Trips to waterfalls temples and beaches.
  • Dedicated personal trainers available will deliver you the body you deserve.
  • Super easy arrival. Airport pick up in Bali.
  • Learn more. With access to training plans and videos on our UF fitness App



Bali Fitness Bootcamp Why Join?

Below we have the suggested timetable for Pro & Deluxe packages.

Training Overview

By combining instinctive, natural and functional movement with science-based highly efficient training programmes. We offer the best of what your body deserves.

And all that while having fun, being safe and shedding those pounds you want to get rid of and firing these muscles you want to get back. We provide the space, the equipment and the expert coaching. You just need to show up and go full out. Results guaranteed.

With an impressive roster of trainers, we are continually improving our fitness routines. We have multiple classes to pick and choose from exclusive to our clients so beginners and advanced athletes are welcome. Monday to Friday including but not limited to Yoga,  Metacon/ body 360, boxing, core smash workouts, Tabata, HIIT training (High-intensity interval training), Battle Workouts, Booty Core and Circuit Training.

The timetable can change depending on the roster of trainers that week, and weather conditions and is not fixed,  but the above gives you an idea of some of the styles of training available. It is comprehensive for sure! Also as part of the training, we also include a Crossfit membership so you can do sessions at a local Crossfit box as well. Everything is there to help you achieve your goals.

With our constantly varied programming, you will rarely do the same workout. You will never have to programme your workouts or spend hours in the gym. Instead, each day a workout will be provided for you that is scalable to suit your fitness level.

It’s Not Just About The Training!

We call the Boot Camp a fitness holiday for good reason. Because it’s not just about training. Those on the Pro or deluxe packages also enjoy a wide variety of activities and excursions included in the package. This way you get to see the best of Bali and have a fun-filled action-packed itinerary when you are not training. It’s a great way to meet other people and really get the most out of your holiday.

While the activities can change from week to week, typically you can expect at least one of the following per week:

  • Excursion to surf beaches with surf lessons with top surf instructors.
  • Cultural trips to temples, to get a deeper understanding of the local culture.
  • A trip to Ubud and the  Monkey Forrest and rice paddies. Bali swing is optional and not included.
  • Trip to waterfalls
  • Excursions to beaches
  • Meals out in lots of different venues (payable locally) as the social scene is very important part of the Bootcamp
  • Excursions to local beach clubs:  Potato Head and Finns Beach Club – day beds and personal expenditure not included. Some beach clubs have an entrance fee or minimum spend and this is not included.
  • Note Saturday excursions are optional and may incur a local charge depending on the excursion running.

Serious about making a change? Read some of the benefits of joining

Fast & Easy Results –  Left to your own devices you might struggle to get there at all and classes or sessions which repeat one style of exercise might not deliver the right results on time either. This gives you the time and effort to focus on your fitness goals.

Fantastic facilities: It’s not all hard work! In your free time, you’ll relax beside the pool at our resort, treat your tired muscles to massages and enjoy the luxury of someone else doing the cooking for a change. Over the weekend, you’ll have free time to explore the beaches and rice fields of beautiful Bali. Very different from training in your normal gym in the home.

Dynamic workout -Many people lose focus and motivation because they get bored. The whole point of Boot Camp is that it is as diverse as it is intense. If you add in the fact that you will be progressing and changing along the way, then you have an interesting exercise mix that should keep you engaged enough to realise your exercise goals.

Guaranteed Groups of Like-minded exercisers -Some people take up activities for the social scene, others because they are firmly fixed on a goal. A real positive about Boot Camp is that because of what it stands for, you are going to meet other people similar to yourself who want to seriously improve their lives. However, this shared goal means that there is a sense of camaraderie and support which is not always found in other exercise sessions.

We are the global number 1 fitness boot camp operator with rolling start dates and guaranteed groups.


Concentrated focus -If you already keep active and fit with regular exercise, then your attention is already geared towards health and fitness. However, at times, if you want to make big changes, such as to lose weight and tone up quickly and effectively or gain muscle, you may need to up the ante and focus in on your goal. Our Boot Camp is an ideal way to help you reach your target by honing in on what you want and offering intense exercise sessions to make sure you get there.

Creates healthy expectations – You are there to train! Classes back home,  which you can easily dip in and out of might offer a relaxed way of keeping in shape, but they don’t necessarily generate a sense of personal responsibility. A fitness holiday where you have committed your time and money will motivate you into putting in the effort and determination needed! It can really inspire you to put healthy pressure on yourself. This, in turn, means that you’re more involved and more motivated to not let down your trainer, the others around you and most importantly, yourself.

Motivates you to examine your lifestyle -Because of the focus on fitness, you naturally start to look at your life as a whole and how healthy you are.

At the Bali Fitness Bootcamp, we have teamed up with some of the best personal fitness trainers on the island and included a fantastic nutrition programme to put together the ultimate fitness training environment.

Our professional roster of Personal trainers and cross fit trainers will push you to your limits and help you smash all of your goals. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle tone or a total re-haul our expert coaches are here to advise and make you the best you can be.



Your fitness training will be complemented perfectly by a stay in our beautiful resort. Located in the thriving hotspot of Canggu, set next to rice terraces.

The Shared Resort

Most people opt for the Pro option. 8 dorms, with a mixed set up of 2 to 4 beds and ensuite bathrooms. The resort also has an onsite training area and yoga deck where most of the 4 pm sessions take place.

It is also a haven of relaxation when you are not training. Equipped with a refreshing pool it is the place to hang out with other bootcamp guests. It is the social hub of the Boot Camp and is a great place to meet others.

Working out together and living together is a very bonding experience, it’s a great way to make friends. 

Due to the nature of the fitness Boot Camp, people do not tend to have late-night the resort. You will be exhausted! So you can expect to get a good nights sleep in our air-conditioned rooms. Our brand-new beds boast luxurious American-style mattresses to ensure you get a good nights sleep.  You can store your possessions in lockable trunks under the beds.

The Surrounding Area

If saltwater is not your thing we have two beautiful swimming pools in the resort. But it’s close to everything else as well, so you have plenty of opportunities to go explore. Taxis are cheap in Bali, and there are plenty of areas of interest you to visit including temples, resorts, beaches and areas of cultural interest. Day trips can be booked through the reception of the resort.


Really Motivating

Many people struggle to get motivated into taking their health and fitness seriously. Think about it, who has the time to hit the gym properly or go for a run in our busy lives? When you do get round to it, where is the motivation?

The great thing about the fitness Boot Camp is that you can take time out of your hectic schedule to do something that is ideal for your well-being, and you know you will be supported every step of the way.

What can the Bali Fitness Boot Camp do for you?

Everyone is different, with different goals. Some people are unfit others have a good base level of fitness, either way you will benefit from spending some time training here, and you will see remarkable improvements.

You will be impressed by what you can achieve.

It is a motivating environment. The majority of people at the camp travel there on their own which leads to a real social and supportive atmosphere because everyone has there with the same goal.

When this is coupled with superb trainers, scheduled classes and all the equipment you could need, there is nothing stopping you. You will be amazed by what you can achieve, because with group training sessions slacking off is less of an option, and the training is quite addictive once you get into it.

We have had clients who have gone from 1 week to 8 weeks, and the feedback is consistently excellent. With a varied and flexible training timetable, morning and evening you will not be bored.

The Training

Most of the training schedule takes place at our own on site training area. Roll out of bed straight into yoga. In our training area we run our body 360 sessions, boxercise and battlework outs. You also have access to train there and use the equipment through out the day. For those with slightly more advanced fitness level or an interest in crossfit we have also teamed up with one of the best crossfit boxes in Asia, you get a complementary membership included.

With an impressive roster of international trainers, we are continually improving our fitness routines incorporating the latest Crossfit methods and techniques. At the Bali fitness bootcamp we use high-intensity Crossfit training to develop strength fitness and flexibility.

With so many people coming and training the camp, naturally, the latest fitness techniques are incorporated and developed in the training programmes. With just one month spent training at the Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp, we can confidently state that you can develop so much further than six months with a personal trainer back home.

During the first couple of sessions, you will be enroled on a lighter version of the training programme. This is to ensure you can get up to speed and benefit the most out of the workouts.

The Bali Fitness Bootcamp Training Schedule

The much of the training program is focused on Cross fit, Metcon (Also referred to as Body 360)  – like crossfit without the weight). Cross fit uses functional movements to deliver explosive workout sessions. Due to the intensity of these sessions, it can be quite strenuous on your body, so we include a lot of rest time and more low-intensity activities to help your body recover and rebuild in between sessions.

Help & Guidance with training.

Some people are new to training, crossfit and fitness in general. If you are feeling out of your depth or if you want to discuss your fitness goals and get advise on the best training plan for you our resort based trainers is there for you.

While we endeavour to sit down with guests to run them through the training options individually, the onus is on you to speak up and talk to our trainers about what you need. The UF team is here to help, but we can only help if you ask.

Also added to the itinerary are one surf lesson per stay and up to  5 Yoga sessions per week in our beautiful yoga shala with direct views of the rice terraces.

The Training Facilities

At the UF resort we have a 300 sq metre training area and yoga deck surrounded by rice terraces. Equipped with dumbells, kettlebells, trx systems, boxing equipment, medicine balls and plenty more!

You also can access an incredible crossfit box as well. Located in close proximity to the resort. Olympic bars with weight plates from 5kg to 25kg to rowers, spinning bikes, kettlebells, box jump boxes, ab mats, wall balls from 4kg up to 9kg and of course skipping ropes.

The crossfit box is the destination of choice for top crossfit games atheletes to come train in Bali, so often you can meet true fitness heros here. This is a perfect place to work out in, and pretty much everything that you would ever want to focus on can be done here. Many who join are new to fitness however, if that applies to you do not worry: you have the full back up and support of the UF team to get the most out of your time here.

Healthy Meals
Training hard and efficiently is only one factor that goes into delivering great results. What you put into your body is arguably even more important. One of the great things about the Bali fitness bootcamp, is we include really healthy meals to really complement your fitness training goals. Nutritionists have been involved in the creation of a delicious healthy eating menu which is included in your program.

Please Note: Personalised nutrition consultation is not included in this bootcamp. Breakfasts and lunches are not on an all you can eat buffet style so if you are looking to bulk you may need to budget for extra meals also.


On Arrival

On arrival in Denpasar, we will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation. The journey is short approximately 40 Minutes to the International Airport. We recommend a Sunday arrival although we can be flexible.

On the first day of your training, our Ultimate Fitness rep will give you a full introduction, introduce you to the trainers, show you around the camp and talk you through the training timetable.

Everything is made easy for you, allowing you to just focus on having a great time, getting fit and having a great holiday.

How long should you go for?

We recommend you join us for four weeks at the Bali fitness boot camp to get the most out of your time. Many people are constrained by how much time they have off work, so most people go for two weeks. You can get a 30 day Visa for Bali fairly easily, if you wish to stay up to 8 weeks you will need to extend your Visa.

If you are looking to go long-term and see drastic improvements, we recommend splitting your time between here and our Thailand fitness bootcamp or focusing on the Thailand fitness bootcamp due to the ease of securing longer-term visas.

The main benefit you will take home is the knowledge of how to maintain and improve your fitness back home along with a solid foundation or fitness.

Of course, you also have had a fantastic holiday in Bali as well, and it is not that often you can say you’ve come back from holiday feeling better than when you left!

Short-term guests will receive an amazing kick start to their health and fitness routine. Many who travel with us use this as a kick-start to their travels as well, after all, if you are hitting the beaches in Bali, you want to look and feel good!


The maximum amount of time you can join is eight weeks. We are limited by the Visa limitations, you are able in most cases to get a 30 day Visa on arrival and extend this to 60. Please note this advice is subject to change so you should do your own research into visas as well.


Flights are not included, and please do not book your flights before booking with us as we do need to reserve your spot, and make sure there is availability. Submit your booking form, and we will come back to you within 24 hours to confirm. Once we have issued you your confirmation invoice, you are then good to book your flights into Denpasar, Bali.

Travelling alone

Most people who attend the camp, are independent travellers and arrive at the camp on their own. If you are concerned about travelling solo, don’t be. There is such a social atmosphere at the camp, and it is a really supportive environment that everyone gets to know each other very quickly. Serious physical exercise in a group can be quite a bonding experience we assure you! So really it does not take long for people to get to know one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do get there?

You will need to fly to Bali Denpasar International Airport. After booking, you are asked to provide your flight details, and we will meet you in arrivals outside of the airport. We will then transfer you to your accommodation by taxi.

How do you get back to the airport at the end?

Return airport transfer can be arranged with the reception of the resort. The cost will be around £10.

What do you need to bring?

Please bring suitable training gear such as trainers, a couple of pairs of shorts, sports bras for the girls, and training tops. Please note you need to bring your own towels and training towel, or these can be rented in the resort.

How much money do you need to bring?

This depends on your own spending choices,  you only need to cover your external excursions and activities. Bali is very good value, but you will want to budget spending money to go on a couple of tours, and the transportation to take you to other areas of the island. We would recommend £100 £150 per week.

Can I bring protein powder or supplements with me?

You can bring supplements with you; please make sure these are labelled.

Calorific & Protein Intake

People come to the fitness boot camp with lots of different goals. Some people want to bulk up others want to lose weight. Individual fitness goals require different calorific intakes and protein intakes on a daily basis. The meal plan included is not all-you-can-eat. Our menu has to cater for different goals. This may mean you need to supplement your protein intake while you train if you feel the desired calorific content or protein content is not enough. To facilitate this you can buy protein shakes, and we can advise you where to purchase extra fresh food locally.

Please note the meal plan runs Monday to Friday and you will have to budget for your own meals on weekends.

Getting around

Scooters are widely available for hire, however, we do not recommend people hire them. Traffic conditions are crazy in Bali, and it is not uncommon for people to have very serious accidents on scooters. We will take no responsibility for any accidents or damage that occurs from clients renting scooters. Taxis are cheap and easy to arrange so we would advise that. All of the resorts are within walking distance of the training area.

ATMs and credit cards

Are widely accepted.

What is there to do when they are not training?

Plenty. Beaches, beach clubs, amazing viewpoints and look-outs. There is a range of tours you can do, like visiting monkey temples, rice paddies and Hindu temples.

Can I come on my own?

Yes! 90% of our clients join the boot camp on their own. In fact far from this being a problem, we would encourage people to do so. It’s a very social environment at the camp, and you will make friends very quickly.

Should I Bring a Towel?

Yes.  Towels are not included but you can get a fresh one for  10,000 IDR (approximately 60 euro cents).

Do you get discounts for sharing?

Typically we provide a 12 1/2% discount based on two people sharing. This is only possible in the Deluxe accommodation, and only twin beds are available.

What is the normal demographic split?

Probably 70% female 30% male. Both sexes will have different goals and motivations about booking the camp as well. With girls, it’s usually about toning up, weight loss and body confidence. With boys, it’s usually more about strength and conditioning training. Not exclusively there are people who join for all reasons. The important thing to consider is everyone is catered for at the Boot Camp, and people’s goals might change throughout your stay.


Vegetarians also have options for meals but please note this is limited to 2 different options. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian you may prefer to opt for the lean packages. There are plenty of vegan options for eating in Canggu.

Best time to go

High season is the dry season. Between April and September Bali is typically busier than usual. While temperatures are pretty constant all year round, it’s rainfall that can make the difference between the months.

The rainy season, which usually falls between October and March you can expect downpours are happening mainly at night. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be constantly raining all the time, you can have some heavy rains, and then it is sunny again. It’s also cooler to train during the rainy season. The boot camp runs all year, come rain or shine anyway.

Realistic results and setting expectations.

Due to the nature of the Boot Camp, we are often asked “what kind of results will I see”. This is actually an impossible question to answer because everyone is different. People have different metabolisms, and ultimately it is down to how hard you work, and how long you stay for. We are confident you will definitely see an improvement, even if you go short-term you will be set on the right path and given a good foundation to continue your training back home. You will learn all of the tools and techniques you need in order to continue to improve.

Do I have to attend the training classes

You do not have to attend classes. No one will make you get out of bed to come training. But you will find it’s very addictive, and most clients have no issue making it to class.

On average people train 2 to 3 hours per day. You have a good mix of group cross fit training sessions and in resort training sessions.

Can personal training sessions be added to the programme locally?

Yes, people can book personal training sessions locally.

Does the resort have wifi?
Wifi is available in the accommodation. It’s free.

If I’m going to Bali can I do other things as well?

Yes absolutely, we have a range of really exciting trips in Bali which you can easily bolt onto the beginning or end of this programme. For example, our Bali backpacker experience, will give you a good overview of the island and even take you to the Gili Islands. Alternatively, we have some surf trips which you can easily add on at the end of this programme. And you have time to explore Bali on your own, or with the others at the bootcamp, in the weekends.

Is the trip refundable?

Ultimate fitness has a no refund policy. So please be aware requests for refunds will not be considered. We strongly advise the uptake of travel insurance with cancellation cover after booking.

Does the camp run over Christmas and New Year?

Yes!  But please note there is some disruption to the activities. On Christmas day for example there will be no training or yoga,but we do make up for it with extra sessions throughout the week. The same is applicable for New Year’s Day.

This is itinerary for 2019

  • 25-12   No yoga, no resort classes, open gym in resort all day, crossfit christmas wod + free use of the gym till 1pm
  • 26-12   Yoga + resort classes (normal schedule).
  • 31-12    Normal schedule.
  • 01-01    No yoga, no resort morning classes (open gym at resort all day),  new years crossfit wod.

What is the timetable like for lean packages?

Lean packages exclude the following:

  • Lunch Monday to Friday
  • Gym shuttle
  • Excludes 2 Yoga sessions a week
  • Crossfit Box Membership
  • All group cross fit training sessions
  • Metcon & Movement Sessions
  • One surf lesson per stay
  • Excursion to temples and beaches
  • The accommodation for Lean option is in the same resort in a 6 bed dorm where as Pro is usually in 4 bed dorm.

Camp Close Out Dates – Nyepi 16-18th March

Nyepi where absolutely everything on the island must be turned off/shut down, including the airport. Only a flicker of light from candles or completely dimmed light is allowed at night. No flights in and out on the day. It’s a very special day for the Hindus. The night before Nyepi is a huge raucous festival called Galungan. Then after the big party and parade, everything shuts off past midnight. We don’t recommend travelling on the night before Nyepi too. It’s hectic with a lot of street closures. Nyepi is on 7th-8th March 2019.

By law, we are required to shut the gym on during Nyepi. So please note there is a limited training schedule.

It’s a beautiful serene day to be in Bali. You’ll be amazed how much brighter the stars are when everyone turns off the light and how much crispier and clean the air is with no one driving their vehicles.


Duration Option Price
1 (Week)Lean OptionEUR 499Book Now
1 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 799Book Now
1 (Week)Pro Option: Single Occupancy EUR 999Book Now
1 (Week)Deluxe OptionEUR 1239Book Now
2 (Week)Lean OptionEUR 979Book Now
2 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 1349Book Now
2 (Week)Pro Option: Single RoomEUR 1769Book Now
2 (Week)Deluxe OptionEUR 2459Book Now
3 (Week)Pro Option: Single RoomEUR 2569Book Now
3 (Week)Deluxe OptionEUR 3599Book Now
3 (Week)Lean OptionEUR 1459Book Now
3 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 1889Book Now
4 (Week)Pro Option: Single RoomEUR 3319Book Now
4 (Week)Deluxe OptionEUR 4399Book Now
4 (Week)Lean OptionEUR 1796Book Now
4 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 2299Book Now
6 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 3359Book Now
8 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 4199Book Now

Pricing Feedback

Great Value
Well Priced
Can´t Afford it right now
Book 16 or more weeks up front to secure these deals.
Duration Option Price
1 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 799 EUR 719 (Early Bird)
Enquire here
1 (Week)Pro Option: Single Occupancy EUR 999 EUR 899 (Early Bird)
Enquire here
2 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 1349 EUR 1214 (Early Bird)
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2 (Week)Pro Option: Single RoomEUR 1769 EUR 1592 (Early Bird)
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3 (Week)Pro Option: Single RoomEUR 2569 EUR 2312 (Early Bird)
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3 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 1889 EUR 1700 (Early Bird)
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4 (Week)Pro Option: Single RoomEUR 3319 EUR 2987 (Early Bird)
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4 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 2299 EUR 2069 (Early Bird)
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6 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 3359 EUR 3023 (Early Bird)
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8 (Week)Pro OptionEUR 4199 EUR 3779 (Early Bird)
Enquire here

Book today with a deposit and travel after 10 - Jan - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: €250 deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Pre departure information
  • Access to an online buddy system, meet others online before travelling
  • Airport pick up
  • Introduction
  • Access to all training equipment and gym
  • Access to online UF fitness App
  • All in resort training sessions like:
  • Body 360 sessions
  • HIIT Training
  • Boxing
  • Kettlebell classes
  • Accommodation in a gorgeous fitness resort with pool
  • Breakfasts (Monday to Friday)
  • Dinner Shuttle
  • Yoga x5 (Pro & Deluxe) or x3 (Lean)

Also Included on Pro & Deluxe  Options (not included on lean):

  • Lunch Monday to Friday
  • Gym shuttle
  • Crossfit Box Membership
  • All group cross fit training sessions
  • One surf lesson per stay
  • Amazing excursion to temples and beaches, monkey parks, waterfalls or Ubud scenic tour
  • Brand new abs on departure!



  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Drinks
  • Dinners
  • Towels
  • Taxi back to the airport
  • Personal training sessions
  • Optional excursions

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