The following page outlines Ultimate Fitness’s policy on coronavirus cancellations and travel restrictions. Due to the situation being ongoing and relatively fluid we will update this page frequently.

To help restore your fitness after the Covid 19 crisis is over we recommend this incredible offer. If you are interested in booking a camp after lockdown with low-cost monthly instalments.

Flex payments from Ultimate Fitness: Coronavirus booking policy:

  • Book with a low lifetime deposit of 100 EUR. On receipt of your deposit, You can pay in instalments per month (minimum amount of 50 EUR) until the balance is paid off up to 4 weeks before departure or if you prefer in one lump sum 4 weeks prior to departure.
  • Date changes are allowed free of charge up to two weeks before departure.
  • If your flight is cancelled or does not run or travel conditions make it impossible to arrive in-country  due to Covid 19 your booking can be moved to a different date without charge (note however the payment is non-refundable).
  • If you display symptoms of Covid 19 prior to arrival your departure date can be changed without charge.
  • All payments are non-refundable, but valid for life should you choose to delay your departure, date changes are accepted subject to availability.

This is a limited time offer only available during the lockdown period.


Currently valid for Sri Lanka bootcamp, Spain Bootcamp Pro options,  Bali bootcamp Pro option.  Does not include deluxe options. Does not include Thailand fitness bootcamp.

When are the camps up and running?

Current Status Of Camps:

  • Thailand: postponed until 2021
  • Sri Lanka:  postponed until further notice
  • Bali: postponed until 2021
  • Spain opens May 2021

What actions are taken by Ultimate Fitness to ensure safety in camps regarding Covid?

  • We have minimised interaction with 3rd party suppliers and there are strict hygiene and safety protocols for our staff .
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been introduced at the camps.
  • Bookings have been made flexible should a client display symptoms prior to start date.
  • Clients are self checking for symptoms at set intervals before start.