Get fit and healthy, while visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our prime beachfront location, in one of the most untouched and beautiful parts of Sri Lanka. CrossFit style training, combined with beachside living will make this an unforgettable experience!


The ultimate fitness Bootcamp in Sri Lanka is located by virgin beach, surrounded by mangroves and palm trees. 

  • new lease of life improved fitness and new friends in paradise.
  • Mixed impact classes give you a total body transformation rapidly.
  • Motivation guaranteed! Train with fun like-minded people and professional trainers!
  • Great nutrition with a healthy food with an energy-boosting menu.
  • Gorgeous beach side resort stay.
  • Find a new addiction! Option to add on kites lessons as this is a fantastic place to learn to kite
  • Trips to lagoons and beaches.
  • Dedicated trainers available will deliver you the body you deserve.
  • Super easy arrival. Airport pick up in Columbo.
  • Learn more. With access to training plans and videos on our UF fitness App


The Sri Lanka Bootcamp is an incredible opportunity open to men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. Staying right by the beach you have the opportunity to train every day, seizing control of your fitness and wellbeing in a very motivating environment.

You will stay in a beautiful unspoiled hidden tropical paradise beachside location, giving yourself some much-deserved me-time. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time training and meeting new people in a tropical paradise.

At the end of the week, we thoroughly recommend bolting on the Sri Lanka discovery tour to complement your stay in this amazing country.



There are set start days. Year-round the start and end day are on a Tuesday. Arriving on Tuesday before 1 pm we will bring you to our Gateway hotel where we leave at 3pm to get to the Bootcamp about 3  hours North of Colombo. If you cant find flights arriving before 1 pm on Tuesday, please plan to arrive on Monday and book in an extra night with us in our Gateway hotel. The hotel is about 30 min from the airport in a nice location where you can chill before starting the Bootcamp.

Alternatively, you can make your own way to the Bootcamp. The price for a taxi is about 90 euro.

Training Overview


Most of the training schedule takes place at our own resort 2 sessions per day 6 days a week.

We run our body 360 sessions, boxercise and battle work outs. You also have access to train there and use the equipment through out the day.

For those with slightly more advanced fitness level or interest in CrossFit we have also teamed up with one of the local cross fit boxes. 

The following training options are included at a local CrossFit box and are not included in the package price. They can be added to the package at the following non-refundable cost:

Drop-in Session €12 One Class
6 Sessions Package – SAVE 30% €55 1 Month
12 Sessions Package – SAVE 30% €110 1 Months
24 Sessions Package – SAVE 40% – includes Open Gym Access €170 2 Months
48 Sessions Package – SAVE 50% – includes Open Gym Access €330 2 Months
1 Month Unlimited – access to 100 sessions €499 1 Month


CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon that combines weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio modalities into fast-paced and intense circuits known as a WOD that is guaranteed to leave you feeling like you’ve pushed yourself to the limit. A focus on whole-body movements, group dynamics and proper form allow you to push yourself harder than any workout we’ve found to date! With options for scaling, CrossFit is accessible to everyone of all fitness levels.

Deep Stretch & Mobility*

An early morning class to get you ready for the day or an evening recovery.
Improve your range of motion, your posture and your performance by taking advantage of our dedicated stretch and mobility classes. A combination of self-myofascial release, partner stretches and active mobility exercises will have you moving better than ever before.

Primal Fitness*

Move the way humans were made to! Run barefoot, swim, crawl, climb, throw and pick up odd objects. Develop your Power, Strength, Speed and Endurance. Embrace your surroundings and do a pure cardio workout with Surf & Turf consisting of ocean swimming and barefoot running. Play games and work in teams with our Survival classes. It’s all about getting back to our natural movement, learning to play again and having fun whilst getting a sweat on.

Barbell Club & Kettle Bells*

Improve your coordination, power and mobility to a near superhuman level. Spend a whole hour refining and honing your technique under the watchful eye of our experienced and qualified coaches.
For those intimidated by the barbell, a good starting point is our kettlebell club. A simple yet effective modal combining strength, cardio, endurance and stamina with whole-body dynamic movements.


For those intimidated by weightlifting or simply just want to mix up their strength training, Callisthenics is a great way to develop stronger muscles, healthier bones and better stamina. Moving your body weight through space can develop core strength and body awareness that transfers outside of the gym in an amazing way. Learn the basics of handstands, gymnastic ring strength and extreme flexibility tailored to your fitness level.

Accommodation Options

Think of a super chilled beach-side community the way it should be! Our resort is exclusive to Ultimate Fitness clients, which really provides a community feeling and makes for a super bonding environment. We have maximised the use of sustainable materials in the resort and feel it complements the paradise feel perfect. It’s not built up or overdeveloped,  just beautiful.

The Pro Option offers twin-share accommodation in our beautiful beachside bungalow resort. These rooms with 2 separate comfy beds are all same-sex unless you have a special request and travel with a friend or partner.




  • Where do I fly into?

    You will need to fly into Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka and we transfer you to a gateway hotel, a short distance from the airport. We will then transfer you with the other new arrivals to our hidden tropical beachside location ready to start your UF experience. The transfer takes approximately 3 hours.  You’re wondering where our resort is located we will tell you after booking. It wouldn’t be much of a secret if we published it. ? On arrival we will have a meal all together and get properly introduces to the team and the programme starting on Wednesday.

    Please note if your flight arrives after the transfer it’s best to get a flight the day before and stay overnight in the gateway hotel. The accommodation for these nights are not included and will need to be paid at the time of booking or locally. Please allow plenty of time to be at the gateway hotel in time for departure. If you miss the transfer you will have to make your own way to the resort at your own expense. We leave the gateway hotel on Tuesday at 3 pm.

    During Travel days not all meal are included. Arrival on Tuesday: only dinner. Departure Tuesday: only breakfast.

  • What is the drinks pack

    We offer an optional Water and drink package.

    We are committed to keeping our impact of the environment low so we have introduced a high quality mineralised, UV treated filtered water station, allowing you to refill your reusable bottles without the need for excessive plastic consumption. Our water is regularly tested to ensure it remains high quality. Price 10 eur per stay.

    Also, you can include an unlimited tea, coffee, juices and coconut water and one protein shake per day (non-vegan) subject to availability. 

    Price: 25 eur per week (Less than  3.60 per day)

    Included drinks may vary depending on bootcamp location.

  • How long is the transfer to the Bootcamp on arrival?

    The transfer takes approximately 3 hours, please bear this in mind when booking return flights.

  • Can I see more of Sri Lanka after the Bootcamp?

    Yes! We have put together a great itinerary that showcases the best of the rest of the country which you can complete over four days.

  • What do you need to bring?

    Please bring suitable training gear such as trainers, a couple of pairs of shorts, sports bras for the girls, and training tops. Please note you need to bring your own beach towel and training towel. We will provide you with 2 towels per week for showering. The resort is fairly remote so please bring all essentials with you, there is a limited selection of goods that can be purchased locally. Please bring a refillable water bottle as we do not like disposable plastic water bottles in the resort.

  • How much money do I need to bring?

    This depends on your own spending choices,  you only need to cover your external excursions and activities. You can bring supplements with you; please make sure these are labelled. Excursions like dolphin watching and whale watching can be paid on card.

  • Calorific & Protein Intake

    People join our Fitness Bootcamp with lots of different goals. Some people want to bulk up others want to lose weight and others just want to improve their fitness. Individual fitness goals require different calorific intakes and protein intakes on a daily basis. The meal plan included is not all-you-can-eat. This may mean you need to supplement your protein intake while you train if you feel the desired calorific content or protein content is not enough.

  • ATMs and credit cards

    Are widely accepted.

  • What is there to do when they are not training?

    Plenty. Beaches, whale watching (in season), Kitesurfing (in season), relaxing in a hammock under the palm trees with a good book!  There is a range of tours you can do, like visiting national reserves or:

    • Kitesurfing
    • Kite Safaris
    • Dolphin Watching
    • Standup Paddling
    • Snorkelling
    • Diving
  • Can I come on my own?

    Yes! 90% of our clients join the boot camp on their own. In fact, far from this being a problem, we would encourage people to do so. It’s a very social environment at the camp, and you will make friends very quickly.

  • Should I Bring a Towel and toiletries?

    Yes. Beach towels, training towels and toiletries and not included so please bring sufficient supplies to cover the entire duration of your stay.

  • Is alcohol or smoking allowed in the resort?

    Due to the nature of as being a fitness camp, alcohol and smoking are not permitted in the resort. By all means, have a few drinks after a hard day’s training, there are a couple of different options for bars and resorts locally but please do not bring alcohol in. Smokers please do so outside of the resort grounds, and remember to take care of your cigarette butts!

  • What is the normal demographic split?

    Probably 70% female 30% male. Both sexes will have different goals and motivations about booking the camp as well. With females, it’s usually about toning up, weight loss and body confidence. With males, it’s usually more about strength and conditioning training. Not exclusively. there are people who join for all reasons. The important thing to consider is everyone is catered for at the Bootcamp, and people’s goals might change throughout your stay.

  • Vegetarians

    We can cater for most diets, and vegetarians and vegans are welcome to join, there are good options available.

  • Best time to go

    Rainfall is at its highest between June and September, although August is often an exception with much lower rainfall. People join us year-round in our Sri Lanka, Bali and Thailand Bootcamp. No matter the season.

    • On average, the warmest month is March
    • On average, the coolest and driest month is January
    • May and October are the wettest months. This means more rain but it is cooler to train
  • Realistic results and setting expectations

    Due to the nature of the Sri Lanka Bootcamp, we are often asked: “what kind of results will I see”. This is actually an impossible question to answer because everyone is different. People have different metabolisms, and ultimately it is down to how hard you work, and how long you stay for. We are confident you will definitely see an improvement, even if you go short-term you will be set on the right path and given a good foundation to continue your training back home. You will learn all of the tools and techniques you need in order to continue to improve.

  • Do I have to attend the training classes

    You do not have to attend classes. No one will make you get out of bed to come training. But you will find it’s very addictive, and most clients have no issue making it to class.

    On average people train 2 to 3 hours per day. You have a good mix of group training sessions.

  • Can personal training sessions be added to the programme locally?

    Yes, people can book personal training sessions locally.

  • Does the resort have wifi?

    Wifi is available in the accommodation. It’s free.

  • Is the trip refundable?

    Ultimate Fitness has a no refund policy. So please be aware requests for refunds will not be considered. We strongly advise the uptake of travel insurance with cancellation cover after booking.

Pricing Options

Duration Option Price
2 (Week) Pro Option Budget Room Not Ensuite €1249 Book Now
2 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow €1349 Book Now
2 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow Single Room €1699 Book Now
3 (Week) Pro Option Budget Room Not Ensuite €1599 Book Now
3 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow €1799 Book Now
3 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow Single Room €2459 Book Now
4 (Week) Pro Option Budget Room Not Ensuite €1859 Book Now
4 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow €2159 Book Now
4 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow Single Room €3199 Book Now
5 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow €2499 Book Now
6 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow €2899 Book Now
7 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow €3329 Book Now
8 (Week) Pro Option Beach Bungalow €3699 Book Now


  • Arrival airport transfer to Bootcamp location
  • Accommodation based on twin share in pro option or single room in Deluxe option
  • Breakfast and Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week
  • 2 Fitness Sessions per day 6 days a week (Hiit/Body 360)
  • Beach training 
  • Weekly Excursion
  • Beach volleyball
  • Unlimited SUP
  • Free Wifi


  • Flights
  • Visa Costs
  • Travel Insurance
  • Accommodation pre or post at gateway hotel
  • Optional Excursions (kayaking, wakeboarding, dolphin watching, river safari, nutritional workshop, Kitesurfing lessons)
  • Extra drinks and meals
  • Additional optional extra drop-in sessions: (CrossFit classes, Strength classes, Deep stretch classes, Callisthenics, Kettlebell classes, Barbell classes, Mobility classes)
  • Optional water and drink package
  • Return Airport Transfer (available from €50)


Bootcamp starts every Tuesday. Please book here.
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