Supercharge your fitness at our European winter fitness bootcamp. From 1 - 18 weeks!
Set on the beautiful island of Mallorca, has everything you need to make new friends, finding the new and improved you, work out and relax while escaping lockdowns and Covid restrictions.  



  • A new lease of life improved fitness and new friends in a Mallorcan paradise
  • Mixed impact classes give you a total body transformation rapidly
  • Perfect for long term stays to give yourself a complete physical overhaul, or shorter fitness breaks to boost your health fitness and immunity.
  • Motivation guaranteed! Train with fun like-minded people and professional trainers!
  • Gorgeous Secluded farm House Villa with swimming pool and near the beautiful location of Pollenca.
  • Find a new addiction! Unlimited Bicycle hire and yoga sessions.
  • Dedicated trainers will deliver your body the boost it deserves 
  • Low-cost flights to Majorca, with its stunning beaches, hikes and charming historic towns make this an attractive fitness break!

Introducing Ultimate Fitness´ only European Bootcamp. Everything you need to make new friends, find a new and improved you, work out and improve your health at our live-in bootcamp while escaping lock-downs and restrictions back home.

If you would like to join our summer season, let us know. The programme and accommodations are a bit different then.

Here you find all of the motivation and encouragement you need to kick-start a new healthier lifestyle. Join for one week or stay up to four months and experience a total fitness transformation. Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat!



Sunday Arrival Day

The check-in day is Sunday. Arriving into Palma de Mallorca you will need to transfer to the local town of Pollenca, this is easily done by Taxi or bus. Pollenca is where the Spain Fitness Bootcamp is located. Check in is from 3:00 pm and we will arrange a group dinner on Sunday.

Training Schedule

Below is a brief summary of the itinerary, it can change depending on weather conditions, but it will give you an overview of what you can expect. If planning on joining us in May to October please see our Summer Schedule.

We start each morning, Monday to Friday, with a morning workout. From 8:30 to 9:30. What we do in the workouts depends on the programming of our live-in trainer. You can expect either high-intensity interval training, Tabata, or CrossFit style workout, mobility training and box training sessions conducted at our on-site training area and indoor gym.

After training sessions, we have a nice breakfast ready for you between 9:30 and 10:30.

After breakfast, there is a daily activity from 10:30 to 1:00 pm. This might involve a hike in one of the various beautiful locations surrounding the villa (we are surrounded by mountains and beaches). Sometimes we take you on a bicycle ride or we may take you exploring some of the areas of local interest.

Lunch is taken at the Finca between 1:30 and 2:30.

In the afternoon we do a second work out between 3:00 and 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

Finally, we cool our muscles down with a yoga or deep stretch session at 4:15 to 5:0 pm.

Then you have free time to relax perhaps take advantage of our swimming pool, perfect to cool off those muscles, before dinner time in the evenings.

Evening meals are at own expense, but we have a selection of local restaurants which we can recommend, and sometimes we do catering in the villa service if you don’t fancy venturing further out where we bring in a chef to prepare meals for the guests for a minimal fee.

Saturdays and Sundays are free at your own leisure. You can take a bike and have breakfast in town, visit the local market. Saturdays the house is yours to relax and enjoy. Sunday is switch over day, so the house will be cleaned from top to bottom, which means everyone should go out and explore.

Tracking Progress

You have the option to track your progress using a specialist body analysis machine. 


The Fitness Villa (Available November to May Only)


A beautiful detached farm house villa, exclusive to Ultimate Fitness is set in 25000 sq metres of a tropical garden. Accommodation is based on twin share but you can upgrade to your own room if you prefer.

The villa comes equipped with its own training area allowing us to run various styles of fitness classes. So rolling out of bed and start training is easy.

It is also a haven of relaxation when you are not training. Equipped with a swimming pool with views of the beautiful Sierra Tramontana Mountains, a world heritage site. Simply stunning.

Working out together and living together is a very bonding experience, it’s a great way to make friends. Don’t worry about needing your own space also. The villa is sufficiently big with plenty of chillout areas for you to catch some quiet time too.

Due to the nature of the fitness Bootcamp, people do not tend to have late-nights. You will be exhausted! So you can expect to get a good nights sleep.

What can you do in the area?

While plenty of your time will be taken up the training sessions and activities, you will also have a good mixture of free time to explore and enjoy everything the area has to offer. While undoubtedly busier in summer, in winter Mallorca still has a lot to offer for the short and long-term visitor. The winters on the island can be quite mild, regularly experiencing sunny days in the mid-20s. This gives the perfect opportunity to explore the local towns of Alcudia (an old Roman town with fortified walls), Pollenca (another historic town overlooked by picturesque mountaintop Monastery) and the coastal towns of Port of Pollenca which is a lovely place to hit the beach even in winter.

There is a wealth of outdoor activities to entertain yourself from hikes to bike rides. Where we are located is actually in a world Heritage site, which gives you access to the Sierra Tramontana mountain range for unrivalled views.

Of course, we can’t guarantee it’s going to be good weather every day in winter, so if you don’t fancy venturing outside the villa is warm and cosy, and the social nature of our bootcamps will ensure you’re not bored.




  • Why Choose Spain?

    The location of our fitness Bootcamp in Spain is just a little bit special. Mallorca is known to be a very popular holiday destination for its beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, but it's also an exceptionally good place to run fitness Bootcamp.

    The UF Spanish Bootcamp is located in the north of the island, sandwiched between a world heritage site, a beautiful picturesque bay (Pollenca), and a national park.

    Imagine feeling better about your fitness, meeting other like-minded people and staying in a luxury villa right by the ocean! Kind of makes you want to drop everything immediately and pursue a fitter healthier you!

    This gives great opportunities to do exceptionally fun and effective workout sessions all outdoors in a beautiful natural environment.

    Fitness Bootcamp is not all about working out however, it's important to stress the fun social atmosphere you get these types of camps. The majority of people do tend to come alone, which makes them a great place to meet people.

    Everyone is in the same boat, it's a super supportive atmosphere and very conducive to reaching your fitness goals, without feeling like it's hard work.

    At the end of the day, there are plenty of healthy restaurants to enjoy with your fellow Bootcampers not to mention beautiful beaches to explore in your downtime. And you might as well take full advantage, after all, you will now have the perfect beach body!

  • Flights

    Flights are not included, but there are multiple low-cost carriers that fly directly to Palma de Majorca (PMI).

    From the airport you will need to take a taxi or bus to the fitness villa.

  • Where is the camp?

    The camp is located in the Bay of Pollenca 2 kms from the beach. Close to the attractive historic towns of Pollenca, Port De Pollenca and Alcudia

  • How do get there?

    You will need to fly into Palma de Mallorca Airport and catch a taxi to the house. If you prefer to take the bus we can pick you up from Pollenca or you will find very reasonable car hire options in the winter.

  • What do you need to bring?

    Please bring suitable training gear such as trainers, a couple of pairs of shorts, sports bras for the girls, and training tops. We advise bringing a towel as well to take to the gym and a beach towel (yes we can have beach days even in winter).

    For the evening we recommend bring something warm as the temperature can drop in the evenings

  • How much money do you need to bring?

    This depends on your own spending choices, but as most meals are covered you only need to cover your external excursions and activities plus dinner each evening. Meals out are about 12-20 euro.

  • Can I bring protein powder or supplements with me?

    You can bring supplements with you please make sure these are clearly labelled. We also have a drinks pack option inclusive of protein shakes.

  • Can I cook at the accommodation

    In general customers are not allowed to cook at the accommodation (which guarantees we keep it clean and sanitary), unless group dinners are organised with permission.  Evening meals are generally eaten out at local restaurants and some nights a catering service is offered at additional expense.

  • What is there to do when they are not training?

    Plenty. Hikes, bike rides, amazing viewpoints and look-outs.

  • Can I come on my own?

    Yes! 90% of our clients join the boot camp on their own. In fact far from this being a problem, we would encourage people to do so. It's a very social environment at the camp and you will make friends very quickly.

  • What is the normal demographic split?

    Probably 60% female 40% male. Both sexes will have different goals and motivations for booking the camp as well. With girls, it's usually about toning up, weight loss and body confidence. With boys, it's usually more about strength and conditioning training. Not exclusively there are people who join for all reasons. The important thing to consider is everyone is catered for at the Boot Camp, and people's goals might change throughout your stay.

  • Vegetarians & and special diets.

    Vegetarians and vegans are able to join. People following a Keto  diet will struggle with the meal plan as we are not able to customise orders and may have to eat outside of the camp at their own expense.

  • Beaches

    The beaches are about 4 kilometres from the training camp and accommodation, a short cycle and you are there.

     Winter in Mallorca has very mild days in the 15- 20´s.

  • Do I have to attend the training classes

    You do not have to attend classes. No one will make you get out of bed to come training. But you will find it's very addictive, and most clients have no issue making it to class.

    On average people train 2 to 3 hours per day. You have a good mix of group training sessions. When you are not training you have the beach close by and a great garden to chill at!

  • Can personal training sessions be added to the programme locally?

    Yes, people can book extra additional personal training sessions locally, sessions are 55GBP a session.

  • Does the resort have wifi?

    Wifi is available in the accommodation. It's free.

  • How do I get around?

    The accommodation is just a bike ride to Pollenca, and we provide bicycles free of charge to use. The centre of town is 10 minutes by bike. Taxis to town will cost about 8 EUR.

  • What drinks are available in the house

    We offer 2 drinks packages in the resort. There is an unlimited water package to help keep you hydrated without the need to purchase plastic water bottles. We are committed to keeping our impact of the environment low so we have introduced a high quality mineralised, UV treated filtered water station, allowing you to refill your reusable bottles without the need for excessive plastic consumption. Our water is regularly tested to ensure it remains high quality. The Unlimited water package costs 10 eur per stay.

    In addition to this, there is an unlimited drinks package, inclusive of unlimited tea, coffee, one fruit shake and one protein shake from Monday to Friday. This costs 25 eur per week.

  • Covid 19 booking policy - no refunds but date changes are allowed


    Book with a low lifetime deposit of 100 EUR. On receipt of your deposit, You can pay in instalments per month (minimum amount of 50 EUR) until the balance is paid off up to 4 weeks before departure or if you prefer in one lump sum 4 weeks prior to departure.

    • Date changes are allowed free of charge up to two weeks before departure.
    • If your flight is cancelled or does not run or travel conditions make it impossible to arrive in-country  due to Covid 19 your booking can be moved to a different date without charge (note however the payment is non-refundable).
    • If you display symptoms of Covid 19 prior to arrival your departure date can be changed without charge.
    • All payments are non-refundable, but valid for life should you choose to delay your departure, date changes are accepted subject to availability.
  • What steps we are taking to minimise risk of Covid 19?

    We take our commitment to your health and safety very seriously. While operating in a pandemic we have taken steps to minimise risk as much as possible. We have minimised interaction with third parties and have strict sanitary conditions and controls for our staff. Due to the countryside location of the villa, the risk of contagion is minimal.

    While Spain in general has worryingly high numbers of Covid 19, the same cannot be said of Mallorca where we are based. Even at the end of the summer tourist season there were 15 registered cases of Covid 19 in the municipality.

    While the risk is currently low, this still does not mean we should be complacent. On arrival you will be temperature checked and asked to self report whether you are experiencing any symptoms at 14 and seven day intervals prior to camp start. We also ask you to sanitise your hands when entering the camp from outside. We also ask that you limit your interaction with others seven days prior to start if at all possible. This will minimise the risk of bringing Covid into the camp from outside.

    While there are no cast-iron guarantees that anyone can be safe in the current environment, we believe we have taken steps to protect as much as possible, and you are far less likely to catch Covid 19 at our facility than if you live in a city or a shared workspace.

    Like many other countries currently Spain has mandated the use of masks in public, however at the camp you do not have to wear masks as this is considered a private residence.

Pricing Options

Duration Option Price
1 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €899 Book Now
1 (Week) Winter Season Villa Private Room €1199 Book Now
2 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €1399 Book Now
2 (Week) Winter Season Villa Private Room €1599 Book Now
3 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €1899 Book Now
4 (Week) SPECIAL OFFER! Winter Season Villa Shared Room €2000 Book Now
4 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €3299 Book Now
5 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €2500 Book Now
6 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €3000 Book Now
8 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €4000 Book Now
12 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €7500 Book Now
16 (Week) Winter Season Villa Shared Room €9250 Book Now



  • Flights
  • Drinks (Unlimited water €10 per stay and unlimited drinks packages at €25 per week)
  • Evening Meals
  • Breakfast & Lunch at weekends
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Extra personal training sessions
  • On site masseur daily for massages
  • Optional excursions


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Mar 2021

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