Spend some time at the Australia Fitness Bootcamp in Arrawarra and you can really make a difference. With top fitness professionals providing all the motivation guidance you need, you can join our groups to really change your fitness levels and transform your physique in a completely supportive environment.
Everything is there for you: cool beachside accommodation lots of different fitness training classes, surfing, yoga and to top it off the ocean in front of your accommodation which means lots of surf sessions too! Try out some Stand Up Paddle, ocean kyacking and kangaroo trekking. All complemented with really fun and super social stay at our camp accommodation


Australia Fitness Bootcamp & Surf

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Look Forward To:

  • Spending a week (or longer) getting ripped at our amazing surf and fitness Bootcamp on the east coast two hours south of Byron Bay.
  • Loads of activities to get your heart rate pumping, and a fun place to chill and enjoy nature in between sessions.
  • Not only fitness but we also have lots of surf sessions in an incredible surf location.
  • Live right by the beach, it’s super social and good for you too!
  • Most clients travel alone, because it’s about meeting people, and becoming a better you in the process.
  • Its not just a bootcamp it is a holiday too. It will be fun, effective and motivational.




Daily itinerary in detail

See above the weekly schedule. Please note this can change. The schedule should be taken as a suggestion of what you might do, it gives you a good idea as to what to expect.

The Training Sessions

Body 360 / HIIT
The Body 360 class is designed to increase every factor of a participant’s fitness, strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility and cardio. In Cross training we will target many muscle groups, to keep your body guessing, a brand new workout every session.

Beach Training
Once a week we take full advantage of our beautiful environment and hit one of the gorgeous local beaches for a fun and functional beach training fitness class. These classes will always be full body, high pace workout, and end off with a nice dip in the ocean.

This is a fantastic surf spot, so naturally, we include surf sessions with our instructors. There is also surf equipment for you to use at your lesiure.

Practice the traditional art of Yoga to relax your mind, body and spirit. Condition your mind & body by performing a series of physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation; Yoga can help reduce stress, improve flexibility, posture and core strength. There are 5 yoga sessions a week.

Stand-up paddle up the creek (with a paddle).

This activity is great for your core, if done right! The great thing about our location as we have the sheltered waters of the creek to practice your sup which is a little less forgiving than the ocean.

Social activities.

In the evenings, you can really enjoy where you are. We lay on campfires, guitars, and there’s always fun and entertaining surf camp vibe parties going on. This is not a boot camp where we force you to train hard and not have fun.   Come with the work hard play hard attitude and you’re going to have an amazing experience here.

Why Join?

Imagine feeling better about your fitness, meeting other like-minded people and staying in a beach side lodge with views of the ocean! Kind of makes you want to drop everything immediately and pursue a fitter healthier you!

This gives great opportunities to do enjoyable and effective workout sessions all outdoors in a beautiful natural environment.

Our Fitness Bootcamps are not all about working out; it’s important to stress the fun social atmosphere you get these types of camps. The majority of people do tend to come alone, which makes it a great place to meet people.

Everyone is in the same boat; it’s a super supportive atmosphere and very conducive to reaching your fitness goals, without feeling like it’s hard work.

Not just about the training. It is crammed with adventures too!

Apart from training, there is so much to do that you will have an incredible week.


The fitness and Surf camp is all about the location. This is a genuinely beautiful part of Australia, and you get to live, train and Surf right by the beach every day! You will stay in on-site cabins, giving you direct access to our fitness training and surfing playground. Due to the nature of the location, do not expect high-end luxury, but the accommodation is comfortable enough to crash out after a full on day of activities.

Travelling Alone

Most people who attend the Bootcamp, are independent travellers and arrive at the camp on their own. If you are concerned about travelling solo, don’t be. There is such a social atmosphere at the camp, and it is a really supportive environment that everyone gets to know each other very quickly. Serious physical exercise in a group can be quite a bonding experience we assure you! So really it does not take long for people to get to know one another.

People from all backgrounds and fitness levels join us on our Bootcamps!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do get there?

You will need to make your own way to the location. We are located at: 46 Arrawarra Beach Rd, Arrawarra NSW 2456, Australia

Airport Transfers?

Airport transfers can be arranged with the local team but is not included. Major airports near Arrawarra, Australia: The nearest major airport is Coffs Harbour Airport (CFS / YCFS). This airport has domestic flights from Coffs Harbour, Australia and is 40 km from the center

What do you need to bring?

Please bring suitable training gear such as trainers, a couple of pairs of shorts, sports bras for the girls, and training tops. We advise bringing a towel as well to take to the gym and a beach towel.

How much money do you need to bring?

This depends on your own spending choices, but as most meals are covered you only need to cover your external excursions and activities.

What extra activities are available on location.

  • Local walks on the beach, headlands or through National Park rainforest.
  • Whale Watching (in season)
  • Surfing, diving, snorkelling all year round, swimming, sailing, sea & river kayaking, ocean rafting, sky diving with beach landings, jet skiing, boat charters, fishing trips, 4WD Tours, whitewater rafting, scenic flights, Harley motorbike tours, horse riding, trail biketours.
  • International Golf Courses and Driving Ranges, Tennis Courts and Olympic Standard Swimming Pool.
  • Sky Diving.
  • F1 Kart Hire at Motor Sports Raceway
  • Pristine Beaches, Nature Trails, Picnic and Sports & Recreation Areas
  • Local Markets Farmers markets
  • Excellent shopping facilities with several major shopping centres.
  • Arts and Crafts, Potteries, Art Galleries and Jewellery
  • An abundance of Restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood from the local harbour and locally grown produce.
  • National Parks and Rainforest Centres

Can I cook at the accommodation

No, you can not cook at the lodge, but breakfast, Lunch and dinner are provided.

What is there to do when we are not training?

Plenty. Beaches, beach clubs are a 10 min drive away. You can visit unusual viewpoints and look-outs.

Can I come on my own?

Yes! 90% of our clients join the boot camp on their own. In fact far from this being a problem, we would encourage people to do so. It’s a very social environment at the camp, and you will make friends very quickly.

What is the typical demographic split?

Probably 70% female 30% male. Both sexes will have different goals and motivations for booking the camp as well. With girls, it’s usually about toning up, weight loss and body confidence. With boys, it’s usually more about strength and conditioning training, but not exclusively. There are people who join for all reasons. The important thing to consider is everyone is catered for at the Bootcamp, and people’s goals might change throughout their stay.


Vegetarians also have options in the meal plan. At the moment we cannot cater for Vegans.

Do I have to attend the training classes

You do not have to attend classes. No one will make you get out of bed to come training. But you will find it’s very addictive, and most clients have no issue making it to class.

Can personal training sessions be added to the programme locally?


Payment Options: On booking there is a €300 deposit (approximately 480 AUD) To secure your space. You are then able to pay the balance on arrival in AUD.


Book and pay online in EUR. Ultimate fitness is a Dubai based company with pricing set in EUR.

Duration Option Price
1 (Week)Standard Shared DormEUR 999Book Now
1 (Week)Deluxe Single Room Double OccupancyEUR 1399Book Now
1 (Week)Deluxe Single Room Single OccupancyEUR 1699Book Now
2 (Week)Standard Shared DormEUR 1849Book Now

Pricing Feedback

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Duration Option Price
1 (Week)Standard Shared DormEUR 999 EUR 849 (Early Bird)
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1 (Week)Deluxe Single Room Double OccupancyEUR 1399 EUR 1259 (Early Bird)
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2 (Week)Standard Shared DormEUR 1849 EUR 1572 (Early Bird)
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Book today with a deposit and travel after 10 - Jan - 2020 to lock in the early bird price. "Hurry only limited early bird spots available !"

Terms: €250 deposit required on booking. Full payment 12 weeks prior to trip start.


  • Pre departure information
  • Access to online buddy system, meet others online before travelling
  • Access to online UF Fitness App
  • Introduction orientation session
  • All group fitness training sessions
  • 6 Surf Lessons with instructors per week
  • All Stand Up Paddle sessions
  • Beach Volley Ball Sessions
  • Beach group training sessions
  • 6 Yoga and stretching sessions per week
  • Guided Excursions
  • Accommodation in a beach side cabins
  • 7 x Breakfasts (Monday to Sunday)
  • 5 x Dinner (Monday to Saturday)
  • Brand new abs on departure!


  • Flights
  • Drinks
  • Dinner on Saturday and Sunday
  • Airport Transfers  (can be arranged locally)
  • Extra personal training sessions
  • Optional excursions

Dates 1 week:
Sunday 7th April 2019 – Sunday 14th April 2019
Sunday 3rd November 2019 – Sunday 10th November 2019

Dates 2 weeks
Sunday 7th April 2019 – Sunday 21st April 2019